Managed Infrastructure & Data center

Infogerance of web infrastructures

We offer system administration and server management packages tailored to the needs of each business. We prioritize the support, monitoring and satisfaction of our customers.

Over hundreds

Supervision and on-call

10 years of experience
in infogerance

A team

We ensure and secure access to your data

Whether or not you master the hosting platform systems, we bring you our expertise in server management and we ensure its daily monitoring. We take care of the complete management of your server. We update, make backups and intervene in case of failure. Thanks to our monitoring tools, we receive alerts in the event of a partial or total malfunction of your services. We intervene immediately to analyze the problems and deploy the appropriate solutions.

Focus on your core business and entrust the the management of your infrastructures to experts

Our mission is to ensure the availability of your servers and the continuity of your services. Ask for a quote right away; it’s free, simple and fast!

Our managed services

Full stack InfogErance

  • Tailor-made service
  • Dedicated server
  • Installation and set-up
  • Production test
  • Cost containment
  • Infrastructure security

Cloud platform IAAS / PAAS

  • Cloud architecture design
  • Optimization of server performance
  • Optimization of application performance
  • Real-time monitoring of platform behavior
  • Diagnosis of incidents

Cloud expertise

  • Available team of administrators
    system and devops
  • Different levels of SLA
  • Intervention objective (GTI)
  • Recovery target (RTG)
  • Data Restore (RPO)

Our engagement



Audit of the existing, anticipation of your future developments, implementation of monitoring and analysis tools for your servers’ resources.



Supervision, on-call, proactive support, permanent support.Different SLAs are available according to the needs of your business.



Implementation of a security strategy, preparation of a backup plan, management of system updates and application of security patches.



Intervention in the event of a breakdown, Application of the PRA plan, Information feedback to the customer, Sending of an intervention report at the end of each operation.