website development for the media

For more than 10 years, we have acquired in-depth expertise in creating news websites specially designed for the media: web portals for radio stations, TV channels, magazines and online newspapers.

Création de site web pour les médias

Personalized design in the image of your media

We create web portals with a personalized design in the colors of your graphic charter. Whether thematic or generalist, your website will respond perfectly to the editorial line of your media, engage your listeners and simplify their experience.

Content management
powerful and intuitive

A wide range of modules

Our CMS for media, EZ-PANEL, supports a variety of content types such as articles, events, podcasts, videos and more. Each type of content has a specific management interface to ensure exceptional ease of use and personalized rendering. Our CMS allows you to create a workflow adapted to the internal organization of your teams (journalists, photographers, webmasters, chief editor, etc.) and ensures centralized management of content on different channels (Website, Mobile application, Notifications, Newsletter, SMS , etc.)

Permanent interaction
with your audience

Various means of expressing opinions

We provide a wide range of tools to allow you to interact with your audience: messages to the studio, comments, votes, polls, quiz games, etc. Whether you are a radio station, a TV channel, a magazine or an electronic newspaper, the opinion of your audience is essential to measure the rate of their engagement and to refine the nature of the content that you publish.

Coupling with social networks

Our CMS allows the collection of statistics from Google Analytics and social networks and offers visibility on reading trends and the most engaging content that generates the most interactions with the community.

A complete digital solution for media in SAAS mode

Digixium is a complete online media solution that allows you to manage your web portal and mobile applications. It offers reliable and innovative digital communication means to interact with your audience. Digixium includes cloud hosting for your web portal and streaming your audio / video streams with 24/7 technical support.

Digixium is the solution to stay on top of new digital trends with in addition a controlled monthly budget, dedicated assistance and continuous technology watch.

Find out more about our media solution on the website of Digixium. Logo-Digixium1

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