Powerful news portals for media companies

For over a decade, we have acquired in-depth expertise in crafting news websites tailored specifically for the media industry, including web portals for radio stations, TV channels, magazines, and online newspapers.

Création de site web pour les médias

Customised design reflecting the essence of your media.

We create web portals with a personalized design in the colors of your graphic charter. Whether thematic or generalist, your website will respond perfectly to the editorial line of your media, engage your listeners and simplify their experience.

Powerful and intuitive
Content management system

A wide range of modules

Our media content management system, EZ-PANEL, accommodates diverse content types, including articles, events, podcasts, videos, and more. Each content type is equipped with a dedicated management interface, guaranteeing remarkable user-friendliness and personalised presentation. The CMS enables the establishment of a workflow tailored to the internal structure of your teams (journalists, photographers, webmasters, chief editor, etc.) and ensures centralised content management across various channels (website, mobile application, notifications, newsletter, SMS, etc.).

Higher engagement
with your audience

Various tools to interact with users

We offer a diverse set of tools that empower you to engage with your audience effectively, including studio messages, comments, votes, polls, quiz games, and more. Whether you operate a radio station, TV channel, magazine, or online newspaper, gathering feedback from your audience is crucial for assessing their engagement levels and refining the nature of the content you publish.

Data Analytics

Through our CMS, you can gather statistics from Google Analytics and social networks, gaining insights into reading trends and identifying the most engaging content that sparks interactions within the community.

A complete digital solution for media in SAAS mode

Digixium presents a comprehensive online media solution designed for the management of your web portal and mobile applications. It provides cutting-edge digital communication tools to engage with your audience effectively. Digixium encompasses cloud hosting for your web portal and live streaming of your audio/video content, backed by 24/7 technical support.

For those aiming to stay ahead of emerging digital trends while maintaining a controlled monthly budget, dedicated assistance, and ongoing technological updates, Digixium serves as the ideal solution.

Find out more about our media solution on the website of Digixium. Logo-Digixium1

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