The Global Digital Agency

TANIT WEB, established in 2007, stands as a prominent global digital agency dedicated to empowering businesses in the execution of their digital ventures. Our extensive history, strategic foresight, and unwavering commitment to delivering compelling results have positioned us as a trusted partner, ensuring efficient and responsive support for our clients.

From its inception, TANIT WEB has consistently pursued a trajectory of development and growth. This journey has been marked by the strategic diversification of our services and the fortification of our international footprint. The foundation of our success lies in a genuine entrepreneurial culture, meticulous management practices, and the significant autonomy bestowed upon our subsidiaries. This approach not only reflects our commitment to innovation but also underscores our ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our expertise

TANIT WEB stands out as a unique digital agency that consolidates a comprehensive spectrum of expertise, including design, development, infrastructure, and web marketing, all housed under one roof. Our holistic approach encompasses advisory services, seamless deployment, meticulous maintenance, and vigilant monitoring, positioning TANIT WEB as a one-stop hub for crafting high-performance and lucrative digital systems.

Distinguishing ourselves through our ability to not only provide guidance but also execute services, set up essential infrastructures, and implement e-marketing strategies vital for project promotion, TANIT WEB is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions. Our portfolio stands as a testament to a myriad of successful endeavors, showcasing our proficiency in transforming and revitalizing the digital presence of numerous companies over the past 16 years.

Fueled by a dynamic and innovative team, we harness our collective knowledge and expertise to not only navigate the challenges of today but also proactively initiate the transformative shifts of tomorrow. At TANIT WEB, we don’t just adapt to change; we lead and shape the future of digital excellence.







Our values

1 Innovation, at the heart of the company

Innovation is at the heart of our businesses. How to hope to last without innovating?
Our teams are betting on technology watch to develop innovative solutions that are efficient and easy to integrate into our customers’ environment. Each solution developed must respond concretely to a clearly expressed and understood need.

2 Common goal, goes hand in hand with success

At TANIT WEB, we have a different vision for the relationship with our customers. We study and choose our projects because we have to believe in the potential of the work we do to excel at it. We like to be seen as successful partners rather than mere service providers and to live a common adventure with our clients throughout the duration of our collaboration.

3 Responsiveness, a priority value

How can we imagine our profession without this essential quality?
Our organization, our flexibility and the cohesion of our teams allow us to ensure our partners permanent availability and rigorous monitoring. Responsiveness is one of our core values: we are united in our passion to deliver excellence with every interaction.

4 People, the key to success

TANIT WEB believes in management based on trust, responsibility, team spirit and above all the well-being of its teams. Each employee has the opportunity to be an actor of progress and change. We are socially responsible and proud to be a human company, which aims for consistency between actions and convictions.

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