The power of Ads at the service of your business

With increasingly stiff competition on search engines, SEA is becoming a real opportunity to ensure optimal visibility with your audience. Our SEA experts take care of setting up and monitoring your paid referencing campaigns and convert the budget you invest into visibility for your activity. You can entrust us with managing and optimizing your Sponsored Campaign budget to get the best possible return on your investment.

Are you looking for a SEA agency for your Ads campaign?

Whatever the type of your activity: e-merchants, lead generation sites, or even the media, we will carry out tailor-made budget simulations for you for your thematic and for each of your e-marketing objectives.

Turnkey management of your SEA projects

Project audit

Creation of a new Adwords account or takeover of an existing account for audit. Depending on the type of your activity:

  • We analyze the competition and industry advertising trends,
  • We define your objectives and we will help you establish the appropriate strategy to achieve them,
  • We set the budget and the right advertising formats.

Creation, Management and Piloting of your Ads campaigns

Whether for a Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads or other campaign:

  • We create your ads (keywords, titles, description, visuals, CTA, etc.) by ads, retargating or display,
  • We take care of the configuration of the advertising platform and tracking tools (Google Analytics & amp; Google Tag Management, e-commerce platforms) for perfect monitoring of data and metrics,
  • We monitor and adjust your Ads campaigns in real time for optimal ROI.

Reporting SEA campaign

To evaluate the performance of your Ads campaigns, we provide you with:

  • Complete reports to analyze and share the performance of your advertising campaigns,
  • Des graphic representations to bring your data to life and better analyze them,
  • Access to key metrics, such as number of clicks, top performing keywords and more.

Do you want to create or optimize your Adwords campaigns?
Contact us now, our SEA experts refine your keywords and optimize your paid search campaigns.

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