SEO, an important levers

Google search engine now manages more than

2 billion
searches per year

75% of Internet users
do not look beyond
from the first page
of results

98% of Internet users
from a website come from
search engines

To succeed in raising the ranking of your site and appear in the first search results, it is essential to call on professionals who will support you in the development and implementation of your SEO strategy. Our SEO experts are there to help you and discuss your SEO project.

e-merchants and online media

We analyze your website data to optimize its performance, improve its position and reach the first page of Google.

Our expertise allows us to position ourselves as an expert partner in traffic acquisition issues in diverse markets and sectors: media sites, health sites, education sites, industry sites, tourism sites, local shopping sites , bank sites, etc.

A solid work methodology

The audit of your website and its visibility compared to the competition, the study of keywords based on the architecture of your site and the positioning of your competitors, the implementation of a strategy on measure for technical and semantic SEO optimization, regular monitoring of your website and its audience with SEO analysis tools: these are the bases of our natural referencing working method.

A tested and approved SEO methodology that responds in a flexible and responsive way to the criteria of search engine algorithms and the needs of Internet users, thus promoting better site positioning.

Our SEO experts support you

We provide you with an expert SEO consultant responsible for supporting you in setting realistic goals and helping you achieve them.

Our expert will be both advisor and actor of the organic SEO strategy. He will also make sure all recommendations are in place and answer all of your questions.

SEO offers adapted to your needs

Professional, craftsman or business, your website represents your main strategic asset Seolyzer, our simple and practical SEO service, will allow you to boost your performance on the web while controlling your budget.

Contact us to get a free SEO audit and a price proposal for your budget.

Contact usOur team will be happy to understand your business goals and assist you in bringing your project to reality.